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January 24, 2019 Dining Room Rugs

How to Make Round Dining Room Rugs

Round Dining Room Rugs are a focal point in a room. They help to tie together the furniture while creating a gathering point that also has a practical part in adding comfort. Finding the perfect carpet can often be difficult and expensive, while creating your own carpet from a piece of carpet can eliminate the search. There are many different processes for fixing the carpet binding.


Measure the space for the carpet. Dining Room Rugs often only cover a small part of a room, while some cover a majority of the room. Keep this in mind when measuring the carpet. Select a piece of carpet to create the mat. Think of the colors and textures in the room and how the piece of carpet you choose will combine all elements. A fluffy rug will be more difficult to clean, but will have a greater impact on the overall look of the room. Think about these aspects when choosing a piece of carpet.

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Choose a binding material for the Round Rugs. This material will edge the carpet remnant and will be visible. Consider the color and texture of the carpet and how the binding material will be integrated with the edge of the carpet. Choose a material that does not overpower the overall look of the room but will blend into the edge to create a secure bond. Measure the sides of the carpet bit to determine the length of bonding needed. While an extra foot may be more than good, it is easier to cut off any extra binding than it is to add more.

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